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Arnold Gruber, Ltd, along with co-counsel Ethan Vessels can help you with the following oil & gas lease issues 

  • Royalty disputes (underpaid royalties) 

  • Lease termination due to unprofitable production

  • Pipeline negotiations and new leases

  • Pipeline Easements

  • Lease termination disputes involving “savings clauses” such a delay rental clauses, drilling operations clauses, force majeure clauses, “sham” operations to extend the lease, and “shut in” clauses

  • Lease negotiations

  • Amendment and ratification negotiations

  • Sale of mineral rights

Attention Land and Mineral Rights Owners:
Have Your Royalty Payments Shrunk?

You May Be Able to Recover Improper Deductions Which May Have Dramatically Decreased Your Payments

Do you own property on which Encino (or EAP Ohio) is operating a well or wells?


Encino may be improperly deducting certain expenses from leases that have a “market enhancement” clause. That clause, if not applied properly, can dramatically decrease royalty payments. If your lease agreement contains such a clause and improper deductions have been taken from your royalty payments, we may be able to help you recover these improperly withheld funds.

We offer a free consultation for owners of 40 acres or more, to determine if your lease has a market enhancement clause.  If you choose to retain us to represent you, it will be on a contingent-fee basis, which means that we assume all the risk and only receive payment if we recover on your behalf. Our fees would be based solely on whether we increase your royalty payments and recover deductions already taken.


DISCLAIMER: Without a review of your lease and royalty statements, we do not know if your payments are being wrongfully reduced. However, given the possible significant impact on your royalty payments, we believe it is worthwhile to consider your particular situation.


If you have 40 acres or more, please contact us for a free consultation with an attorney at a time that is convenient for you.

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